Rob Maigret

Robert Maigret is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur who over the course of his extensive career has founded companies, held executive roles at a number of successful ventures, and overseen the development and launch of a wealth of digital and physical products. He excels at solving difficult problems through the blending of creative thinking, innovative uses of technology, empathetic design, and strong and strategic diplomacy.

He began his career in the media industry. After scaling the ranks at PolyGram, and later Universal Music Group, he shifted focus to the startup landscape working for iBlast and a number of other startups before earning his first CTO title at early video-sharing pioneer Revver. On the heels of launching its successful revenue-sharing platform, he co-founded the social media innovation factory DigiSynd, which was acquired by The Walt Disney Company. At Disney Rob held a number of senior roles, including SVP of Innovation and SVP Global Creative, overseeing Disney’s overall social media efforts and the relaunch of

Post Disney, Rob discovered a passion for mentoring and joined renowned startup accelerator Techstars, participating in their Disney, Cedars-Sinai Healthcare, and Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator programs. It was through mentoring that Rob broadened his experience to include physical product development and manufacturing. Working closely with the team at Sphero, he became their Chief Creative Officer where he helped establish a strong partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm and supervised the creation and launch of their BB-8 robot, which became one of 2015’s most popular devices.

Following the success of BB-8, Rob switched gears to co-found Popularium, an independent publisher of user-generated content. After successfully overseeing the platform’s development, growth, content library, and ultimately the licensing of its technology platform to a number of third party content providers, he transitioned to his space career – co-founding Titan Space Technologies in 2021 as its current president and chief strategy officer.

At Titan he works as part of the senior team responsible for scaling its digital space lab which brings the benefits of space experimentation to enterprise customers.

An avid student of how marketing and culture intersect, Rob also hosts the popular industry podcast, DTC Growth Hacking. He’s a student pilot, homelab diehard, and resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two dogs.

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